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M3U8 Downloaders provides a free, fast and easy to use M3U8 Video Downloader, converting M3U8 files to MP4 formats. Start downloading in seconds and save the MP4 file into your local device. Simply enter/paste your M3U8 URL link into the input field below and press Start Download!

How to use: Simply enter/paste your M3U8 Url into the above input field and press Start Download. Once the process is initiated, MP4 file would be created upon finish. You may opt for automatic saving of the file by granting permission in your browser settings.

Example M3U8 URL: https://example.demo.of.link/m3u8file.m3u8

How to find M3U8 URLs: Usually, you can find M3U8 URLs by inspecting the network traffic of a webpage using browser developer tools (F12 or right-click and select "Inspect"). Look for network requests ending in ".m3u8" while the video is playing.

By using our service, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We're not responsible for downloaded media. Ensure you respect relevant copyright laws.

How To Download

M3U8 Video Downloader - Enter M3U8 URL

Step 1:

Enter or paste your M3U8 URL into the input box as indicated in the picture on the left and click on the "Start Download" button to begin the process of downloading your M3U8 video to MP4 video format.

Note: How to manually find a M3U8 URL? Follow these steps:
  1. Right-click on the video player of the website you're on and select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element". Alternatively, use Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+Option+I (Mac).
  2. The Developer Tools pane will appear. Make sure you're in the "Elements" pane.
  3. Click over to the "Network" tab.
  4. Play the video. Keep an eye out for requests with a ".m3u8" extension in the "Name" or "File" column.
  5. Right-click on the .m3u8 file and choose "Copy link address".
  6. Paste the URL into our M3U8 downloader.

For an even easier experience, install our extension which automatically detects M3U8 links for you, streamlining the download process!

M3U8 Video Downloader - downloading M3U8

Step 2:

Your M3U8 video would be downloaded and converted to MP4 video format, await for the download process to finish. The download process of the M3U8 video segments and conversion to MP4 video format is entirely automatic. Our website tab icons and extension icons are color coded for more clarity on the download status. Refer to the color code below for more details on what they represent.

Note: Closing the tab while it is downloading would stop the process of downloading.
M3U8 Video Downloader - downloaded M3U8 and converted to MP4

Step 3:

Once the download process and conversion of M3U8 video to MP4 is complete, the MP4 file would be automatically saved to your local storage provided you have granted permissions in your browser setting to automatically save the file from our website. You may also manually click on the "Download MP4" button to manually save the file to your local storage.

M3U8 Video Downloader - icon

Color codes Explained:

Understanding our users' needs for clarity and ease, we've integrated employs intuitive color-code the icons for both our M3U8 video downloader and HLS stream detection extension and our website tabs. These color distinctions enhance user interaction but also quickly convey the current status of your video download process, whether you're utilizing the extension or navigating our site. Let's delve into what each hue signifies:

Extension detected M3U8 videos / HLS Streams

The extension has detected M3U8 videos and HLS streamings present on the site and is continually detecting for more.

M3U8 Video Downloader - detected M3U8 video & HLS streams / success in downloading M3U8 video and converted to MP4

M3U8 Video Download - Successfully downloaded.

Your tab icon would turn green as seen in the picture on the left. Informing you that the M3U8 video download proccess and conversion to MP4 is in progress.Your M3U8 video file would be downloaded and conversion to MP4 video format is in progress and would be ready shortly.

Extension is detecting M3U8 videos / HLS Streams

The extension is running and it is detecting for M3U8 videos and HLS streamings present on the site.

M3U8 Video Downloader - detecting M3U8 videos & HLS streams / download in proccess icon

M3U8 Video Download - In process.

Your tab icon would turn orange as seen in the picture on the left. Informing you that the M3U8 video download proccess and conversion to MP4 is in progress.Your M3U8 video file would be downloaded and conversion to MP4 video format is in progress and would be ready shortly.

Extension restricted

Extension is restricted from the current site you are visiting.

M3U8 Video Downloader - restricted / warning icon

M3U8 Video Download - Tab requires attention.

Your tab icon would turn red as seen in the picture on the left. Informing you that the download tab requires attention. Either the download process has yet been initialized or an error has ocured durring download. If an error has occured in your download proccess of the M3U8 video, please verify that the M3U8 link you've provided is valid and simply refresh the tab to restart the proccess. Typical error that may occur includes, invalid M3U8 video address link, unstable internet connection issues, lack of device memory.

About Us

Welcome to our M3U8 Video Downloader platform. We are proud to present a free tool designed to allow users to save and download M3U8 videos seamlessly. Unlike other platforms that might restrict you with limitations, our service empowers users to download as many videos as they desire, completely free of charge.

Our primary goal is to provide our users with a smooth and efficient experience. The strength of our platform lies in its rapid response time. Depending on your internet connectivity, you can receive downloadable links in an impressive speed. Furthermore, when you provide an M3U8 playlist URL, our tool is intelligently designed to automatically fetch the video in the highest resolution available within the playlist, ensuring that you always obtain the best quality without any manual hassle.

The download process is entirely automatic. Once you input the desired M3U8 URL and initiate the download, our system will handle the rest. Should you grant our site permission to save files, the downloaded video will be automatically saved in MP4 video format to to the default 'Downloads' folder set by your browser. Please be aware that the specific location might vary if you've customized your browser settings to save files to a different directory. Always check your browser settings if you're unsure about the save location.

Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled service in the realm of M3U8 video downloading. As the digital world evolves, we continuously strive to meet the ever-growing needs of our users, ensuring convenience, quality, and efficiency.

Please note that M3U8 Video Downloader is not responsible for the media content which you download. We strongly suggest ensuring the copyright and permissions of the media before downloading. For more details, kindly refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users. Our ongoing mission is to evolve and refine our platform. As part of our commitment, we are actively working on expanding our support to include more video formats, ensuring that our users have a wider range of options. We continually take into account your feedback and the ever-changing needs of our community. We're enthusiastic about the future and the enhanced capabilities we aim to bring to our platform.

Thank you for choosing our platform. We hope you enjoy our services and find them beneficial for all your M3U8 video downloading requirements.

Terms of Service

1. Respect for Copyright: We deeply respect the rights of creators and the importance of copyright laws. Our platform is intended for legal use only. Users are cautioned against using our service for illegal activities and are reminded to always respect the rights of content creators.

2. User Responsibility: Users are solely responsible for the media they download through our service. We strongly advise users to verify the copyright status of the media before downloading.

3. Nature of Our Platform: Our platform serves as a tool for users without monitoring individual usages. As such, we cannot be held accountable for how users engage with our service.

4. Limitation of Liability: Users agree to absolve us of any liability arising from their use. We neither endorse nor support any unauthorized activities, urging users to act responsibly and ethically.

5. Third-Party Interactions: Our platform may display advertisements from third-party networks. By using our service, users acknowledge they might be subject to third-party data collection practices, which are beyond our control. We advise users to familiarize themselves with the terms and privacy policies of these third-party entities.

6. Changes to Terms: We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at our discretion. Periodic review of this section is encouraged.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information: We value user privacy and do not collect, sell, trade, or transfer personal information. Collaborations with third parties for website operations ensure user information remains confidential, with disclosures only made under legal obligations or for the protection of individuals and property.

Cookies: We utilize Google Analytics cookies to enhance the user experience, understanding preferences to offer a tailored browsing experience. Cookies are tiny files, transferable to a computer's hard drive, contingent upon user permission. This aids in recognizing the user's browser and retaining specific data.

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Third-Party Links: We may occasionally introduce third-party products or services. Their independent privacy policies mean we aren't responsible for their content or activities, but we always aim to uphold our website's integrity and welcome feedback.

Changes to our Policy: Any modifications to our privacy policy will be reflected on this page. It is advisable for users to check back periodically.

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